International Calling (Callback)

Now you can strengthen your customer base by offering an innovative calling service with extremely competitive international rates -- International Re-Origination service. Callers who are located outside the United States can access U.S. based international lines to make calls from wherever they are to anywhere in the world.

To initiate service, callers must first subscribe to this re-origination service and then designate a phone number to activate the service. This can all be done either over the phone or thru our SIMPLY Internet Sign-Up Page for INSTANT PrePaid service via a Multi-Use PIN. With the standard service subscribers can also easily change the phone number designation for the convenience of using the service while traveling from the office or home.

Our Next-Generation technology has allowed us to provide superior products that are based on a single Multi-Use PIN Access. This allows our customers to use the SAME Multi-Use PIN with any of our PrePaid products. Such as our:

  • Debit Card services
  • International Re-Origination services
  • Web2Fone (VoIP) services

Benefits of Agency/Partnership

Custom Branding
We offer you the flexibility to customize the CallBack service so you can build upon the brand equity that you have already established in your marketplace.

Competitive Rates
International pricing that reflects TRUE 24 hour/ 7 days a week Flat Rates. With CallBack services your customers are able to save substantially over traditional long distance calling.

High Quality Platform
The Tremcom state-of-the-art International CallBack platform includes superior call processing and validation.

Billing and Collections
We help you manage your collection process by providing detailed account records

E-Commerce Services
Tremcom's E-Commerce services allows you to sell high-value telephony products that are INSTANTLY usable. We set up the operational details of your website from registration to administration at no cost to you. Our Total E-Commerce solution will allow your customers to purchase many of our products while maintaining your identity and name awareness. Available product thru our E-Commerce site are:

  • The Prepaid Calling Card
  • The Web2Fone (VoIP) Services
  • The International Re-Origination Service
  • The Internet Services (Dial-Up and DSL)

Customer Service
Tremcom offers exceptional customer service and fault reporting for all your billing and product related inquiries. We provide you with support for order entry, trouble ticket tracking and resolution and training for agent/reseller representatives.

Remote Administration of CallBack Number
Allows subscribers to change their callback phone number, so they can travel anywhere in the world and still take advantage of the service. Customers who are calling from hotel rooms or offices can use the service by adding the room number or extension to the callback location.

Speed Dialing
Saves time and money with programmable numbers.

In-Language Prompts
Provide easy-to-understand calling instructions in the language of the customer's choice.

Sequence Calling
Allows your customer to make one call after another, without disconnecting from the CallBack Platform. They save both money and time.

Credit Limits
With our Traditional Callback service it permits you to control fraud, while your customers control expenses.

Tremcom - Your Ticket to International Calling
Tremcom International, Inc. is a global telecommunications leader that develops and provides value-added, telecommunications services to resellers, carriers, Internet service provides, content providers and business customers around the world.

Let us help you grow your business by integrating new customized services designed to meet your customers' demanding needs. For more information about our agency program, please E-mail us at Please include a summary page of your sales background for our review.