Tremcom International would like to thank you for your interest in our Business Partner Program.

As a Partner, you will be entitled to offer our unique integrated products and present your customers with the opportunity to improve their long distance and Internet services beyond what any other company can offer.

We provide customized websites backed by offering you an incredible opportunity to market and sell over the Internet with FULL e-Commerce capabilities through a secured server. State-of-the-art anti-fraud control measures limit your exposure to bad debt while at the same time allowing online registration for customers to have immediate access to the network. Online Retailing:
Tremcom's e-Commerce Services allow you to sell high-value communications products that are instantly accessible. builds and installs the operational details of your portal from "user registration" to "order confirmation" quickly and without any major investment on your part.

Through integration of our technical network and web interface, you can offer your customers the opportunity to purchase any of e-PIN and DSL products while maintaining your own identity and name awareness. 

The Multi-Use e-Pin:
The technological advantages of our Multi-Use e-Pin allows your customers to utilize any of our Pre-Paid products by using the same Multi-Use e-Pin.

The Pre-paid e-Debit Card: Calling Cards offer tremendous savings on long distance calls with local access from over 40 countries worldwide. The same Debit Card e-Pin can also be used with our Voice over IP (e-Web2Fone) and e-ISP Prepaid Internet Access Wizard.

The VoIP Service - Web2Fone:The e-Web2Fone service offers your customers the opportunity to take full advantage of the cost saving benefits of Internet calling. With our FREE Dial-Pad Software, your customers can make long distance calls from anywhere, to anywhere in the world. The same Web2Fone Multi-Use e-Pin can also be used with our e-Debit Cards and e-ISP Prepaid Internet Access Wizard.

e-ISP Prepaid Internet Connection Wizard: Fast, easy and efficient International Internet access is available to your customers through the Mutli-Use e-PIN. When customers are traveling and need to make an important call with their Web2Fone or connect to the Internet they don't want to wait to pay high rates for service that may or may not work. Our service is fast, flexible and reliable to fit their needs anywhere any time. With the Multi-Use e-PIN you have the ability to use e-Debit Card (travel card) and e-Web2Fone with the same Multi-Use e-PIN.

The e-ISP products:
The e-ISP products offer your customers the opportunity to receive instant Internet Access through the e-ISP Connection Wizard mentioned above which has access in many major cities where wire centers are available. The ISP products also include our standard DSL Internet Access (for USA customers only)

Online "iRepAccess": 
Our iRepAccess administrative site offers you the ability to view your orders in Real Time which will include the following:

* Online Monitoring
* Online Revenue and Commission Reports
* Online Product Analysis and much more!

e-mail Confirmation:'s e-mail Confirmation Center will allow you to monitor your sites activities by providing you with the ability to automatically notify you with confirmation on purchases made by your customers.

Customer Service: offers exceptional customer service and fault reporting for all your billing and product related inquiries. We provide you with support for order entry, trouble ticket tracking and resolution.

No other company offers so much.

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